alternating current (ac) – an electric current that periodically changes direction and constantly changes in magnitude.

bug out location (bol) – a location where you would go to if the situation at home warranted leaving.

bug out bag (bob) – a bag kept on your person at all times with the purpose of keeping you supplied with the necessities to get you where you are going.

current – the movement of electricity through the conductor.  measured in amperes or amps (A).

direct current (dc) – an electric current that flows constantly in one direction.

electromotive force (emf, voltage) – the force that causes current to move through the conductor – called voltage (E).  the unit of measure is the volt (V).

grid – the public electrical grid supplying your community.

load – the demand on the operating resources of a system.  The resistance to current flow.

Ohms law – one volt of electrical pressure is required to force 1 amp of current though 1 ohm of resistance.  formula is expressed as E=I*R

resistance – the property of the conductor that restricts or holds the current flow.  measured in ohms (Ω).

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