I’m Dean.  I’m in my early 40’s and a modern survivalist from northwestern Indiana.  What is a modern survivalist?  To me it means I am using today’s technology to implement systems that prepare me for the unexpected.  As I prepare I am also becoming more self sufficient.  For example if I install backup heat or backup power I will be prepared for a power outage due to ice or snow.  I am also one step closer to not relying on the utility company.  Closer to being off grid, or self-sufficient.

The Journey

Since 2008 I have been on a journey toward a self sufficient lifestyle.  Along the way I have realized that my life experiences from a toddler growing up on a farm til now have provided me with skills that lend toward achieving that goal.   A few skills and mindsets taught to me as a child I have had to refresh and sharpen.  As I have set my mind to achieve a self sufficient lifestyle, I have found others that have been searching for help with skills that I have taken for granted.

So why the Blog?

I have a deep desire to share what I know.  This blog is a way for me to do that.  Everything I am sharing is my opinion.  It is based on years of learning, experience, and education.  From time to time I may write on subjects that I have no experience with.  At these times I will make it clear that it is just ideas. Topics will range from choosing land, gardening, and raising livestock to finances, firearms, and construction.  I also would like to inform you that many external are affiliate links.  That means that I will earn a small percentage of any sales if you were to purchase the product.

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