Homestead Update

Things have been going crazy around here starting with the weather.  We had unseasonably warm weather here the end of March (80’s) then we had a week of freezing temps and now we are back to “normal” weather.  With the warm weather I started some lettuce, cabbage, radishes, spinach, and peas because I didn’t want to be behind if it stayed warm.  Even with them being cold weather crops the freezing temps put the hurt on them.

The day J-O-B really took off at the same time.  All the overtime I want and then some.  What is it about having to work extra right when you would really like that time for everything else that needs done.

Even with the extra time away from the homestead I have managed to finish up my swale project this spring by planting trees on the downhill side and I am looking to plant a new bed of strawberries tomorrow.

I was going to build a chicken coop last Saturday with the help of my bro-in-law but we decided that it was a bad idea to drag the power tools out in the rain.


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