Book Review – Renewable Energy for Your Home


Today we are reviewing Renewable Energy for Your Home by Alan and Gill Bridgewater.  This book is written for the basic beginner who just woke up and realized that they want to do something “green” but have no idea where to go beyond that. This book covers all the forms of renewable energy. Solar, wind, wood, bioenergy, water, geothermal, biogas, and storing wood, heat,electricity, and water.

This book uses large type and basic diagrams and drawings to relay the information to the reader.  The reader shouldn’t have any problems adsorbing the ideas presented.

Different scenario’s are presented for urban, rural, and small town setups for each of the different forms of renewable energy.

If you are a complete novice you may want to read this book. I recommend borrowing this book from your local library because once you are introduced to the different forms of renewable energy and have an idea on what route you want to take there is no need to reference this book.  You will want more in depth material to begin implementing your energy freedom.

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