Money Saving Idea – Reuse, Recycle Wood

Today’s tip is reusing wood for your homestead projects.  Not to many years ago when a barn was outgrown it was disassembled and the material was reused in the new building.  Now days an excavator is brought in and the scrap goes into a dumpster.  Its time to start thinking like our grandparents did and find ways to reuse.  you would not only would this save your hard earned dollars but also keep it out of the landfill.

Where can I find materials you ask?  Just look around.  I have a wood pile that comes from a barn that a tornado took down, 2x4s that were spacers for shipping trailers, and raised beds made from old corn crib lumber.  Shipping pallets can be used whole as fences or the boards can be used in smaller projects.  Other sources of larger material can be construction companies.   The left over material brought back from the construction site may be picked up at discounted prices.

The next time your starting  a project  like raised beds, chicken tractors, or greenhouses look around and visualize where to reuse scrap lumber and start saving money.

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